It is a time and cost savings effort to negotiate certain LEED items prior to lease signing. Below are some items that will save a great deal of money if negotiated up front.


  1. Request separate utility metering.
  2. Promote carpooling with reserved carpool spots.
  3. Electric or highbred preferred parking spots.
  4. Request a recycling program.
  5. Include the option to outsource power.
  6. Have the Landlord designate an area for bicycle racks.
  7. Arrange to have the T1 allowance to be used for tenant fit out, architectural, engineering and LEED services. Or request a payout of unused T1 to use at your discretion.
  8. Commit to a ten year lease for a long term commitment.
  9. Have the existing building outside air ventilation system tested to be sure it meets ASHRAE 62.1-2007 requiring a minimum of 10 cfm per person.
  10. Request environmental tobacco smoke control by having the building set up designated smoking areas.

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